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  • Dear Members,

    This is to notify that the website, due to its recent takeover by an American company, will be closed down on March 31st, 2018. We would like to express many thanks to member users for using our service through the several years.

    Accordingly, all data on the website, including personal information, will be deleted permanently. If you are a publisher user, please take note of the following.

  • Your Uploaded Book Data

    Simultaneously with our closing the website, your uploaded e-books will be deleted also. If you do not have your book data stored elsewhere, and need or prefer to save it, please ensure to download the data from no later than March 31st, 2018.

    We will be unable to respond to any contact or request made after that date.

  • Unpaid Royalties

    If there are unpaid royalties for your sales and you have not yet received them, it will be paid by the end of February, 2018. The bank transfer fee for the payment will be subtracted from the royalties. as stipulated in the website’s Publisher Terms of Use.

    To users whose royalties are equal to or less than the transfer fee (hence the balance is 0 USD or of a negative value), the payment will not be made.

  • Thank you! We cordially appreciate your custom since the open of the website.